We provide Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) training, an internationally recognized qualification designed to enable organizations to identify, mitigate, and address security threats successfully.


CTIA is an expert-level certification that shows security professionals how to gather threat information privately and securely.

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We provide standards-based, rigorous practical skills to the most fundamentally demanded threat intelligence throughout information security, and we are accredited in this industry.

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Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) Course Highlights

  • Knowledge of threat intelligence and analysis
  • Key to good training is its relevance
  • Our CTIA provides training on a variety of topics
  • Certified educators with years of IT security experience
  • Our training covers different levels.
  • Training on current methods and best practices
  • Curriculum matched to CITA exam
  • Taught by qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Practical experience.
  • Our courses include topics including email security, spyware, phishing, and more
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What is a certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Course?

As an Information Security Manager, a Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) can help you achieve your organization’s goals. The information security field is quite complex, and hiring competent individuals can be a challenging task. Fortunately, several agencies, like the NSA, FBI, and others, will assess your suitability for the job.

The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CIA exam) is the logical answer. This CTCI exam is an internationally accepted qualification exclusively formulated to help organizations effectively identify, mitigate and counter cyber threats with extensive analysis and technical knowledge. It allows professionals to counter cyber threats to information and software, business, health, and government systems. 

Why Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Course?

The reason to take up Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst training is that it helps you understand the role of a qualified and professionally certified threat analyst. With the CTIA certification, you can look forward to a long career in the IT industry as a threat analyst.
Several preparation options are available for the CITIAs who wish to sit for the certified threat intelligence analyst certification exam. The first step that most organizations take before CITIAs take the certification test is the preparation of a training curriculum and their own in-depth threat intelligence planning. These preparations are essential for passing the certification exams. There are several companies and organizations that offer training programs and sample tests on the CTIA exams. The professionals who make these training programs have a lot of experience and are very good at providing clear and concise explanations of the material.
The training courses are made to cover all the areas of the CTIA syllabus that will be asked in the certification exams. Most of these courses are designed so that students have a profound knowledge of all the areas of the exams. This means that the students who take the study materials end up with a comprehensive understanding of every examination area. There is also a lot of time devoted to preparing the student for the written portions of the exam and the oral portion.
The next step that organizations take before taking the certified threat intelligence analyst exam is the research of the different domains that will be on the exam. There is information security research and the domain of information security. Both of these domains are extremely important to the information security field. One of the main reasons these domains are so important is that there are so many different types of information security.
There are many different types of computer crimes, including identity theft and cybercrimes. It is also essential to handle hacking attempts, which involve the theft of confidential information. This information may include financial information, employee or client information, and other types of information. All of this information needs to be protected at all times. Therefore, an individual needs to have an experience and training program in cyber and data security.

Opportunities after Completing a Certified Threat Analysis Course

It seems there are many opportunities after becoming a certified Threat Analyst. Not all of these opportunities are going to be in the field of intelligence. Many options are available outside of the intelligence realm.

Many government agencies need Intelligence Analysts. Many times the Intelligence Analyst jobs are performed by retired Military Intelligence Officers. Either way, Intelligence Analysts can find work in the federal government.

Another set of job opportunities after becoming an Intelligence Analyst is in the consulting industry. The consulting industry needs good advice on strategic issues that affect business operations. Intelligence Consulting Professionals can be found in various fields, but their most common areas of focus include international business, financial services, technology, energy, health care, and government.

If you are interested in becoming a security specialist, it would be wise to start looking into opportunities after a certified threat analysis course. This program will provide you with the training that you need to become an effective and knowledgeable security specialist.
The more education you have, the more lucrative your career will evolve. With a good certificate or diploma from this course, you can get security consultant positions in the private sector or government. You can also work for corporate America as a specialist. It just depends on where your interests lie.

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Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) Course Details

Certification Name- Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
Number of Questions: 50
Duration: 2 hours
Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal
Test Format: Multiple Choice
Passing Score: 70%

>> Introduction to Threat Intelligence
>> Cyber Threats and Kill Chain Methodology
>> Requirements, Planning, Direction, and Review
>> Data Collection and Processing
>> Data Analysis
>> Intelligence Reporting and Dissemination

>> Ethical Hackers
>> Security Practitioners, Engineers, Analysts, Specialist, Architects, and Managers
>> Threat Intelligence Analysts, Associates, Researchers, Consultants
>> Threat Hunters
>> SOC Professionals
>> Digital Forensic and Malware Analysts
>> Incident Response Team Members
>> Any mid-level to high-level cybersecurity professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience.
>> Individuals from the information security profession and who want to enrich their skills and knowledge in the field of cyber threat intelligence.
>> Individuals interested in preventing cyber threats.


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Choose Your Preferred Learning Mode

Offline Training

  • Customized schedule
  • Learn at your dedicated hour
  • Instant clarification of doubt
  • Guaranteed to run

Online Training

  • Flexibility, Convenience &
  • Time-Saving, More Effective
  • Learning, Cost Savings

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Why Choose Us

Let's have a quick look at the overall objective of choosing us for this certification. The purpose is to provide IT professionals with an in-depth overview of the entire threat intelligence sharing process. Threat intelligence sharing involves a wide range of activities and involves numerous agencies from different parts of government. This overview aims to provide employers with in-depth technical education and an overview of the threat intelligence process and provide the CITIAs with an understanding of how the intelligence sharing process works and its objectives.

  • Response time is really fast at all times.
  • We constantly welcome your progress.
  • We know security and regulation
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Frequently Asked Questions

For this particular certification training, we have the following FAQ mentioned below. 

  • What is Web Application Hacking and Security?

    Web Application Hacking and Security is a specialist certification that allows the cybersecurity workforce to understand, hack, test, and secure web applications in several business verticals from present and upcoming security threats.

  • What advanced web application hacking and security course requires?

    The course requires essential programming experience and familiarity with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a server-side scripting language. You'll also learn how to perform reconnaissance and search Linux systems.

  • What will you learn in this course?

    Aside from learning how to exploit web application vulnerabilities, you'll also learn how to secure a network and its data. You'll learn about security design patterns, which can help prevent injection vulnerabilities. It also covers how to exploit common web application flaws and security problems. You'll also be able to use penetration testing tools to test systems and identify vulnerabilities. Aside from IT professionals, web application hackers and security professionals can also pursue a career in other areas of cybersecurity.

  • How can you find work in the security field?

    You'll also be able to find work in security if you're skilled in web application security. A web application security course can be helpful for anyone who wants to make their career in information security success. A course that focuses on this topic is an excellent start for those passionate about cybercrime. If you're serious about learning this technology, you'll be glad.


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