To prepare security professionals for diverse execution responsibilities in computer forensics, incident response, and information system security, the CHFI v10 certification training and the course have been designed.


Candidates who complete the privacy program will be well-equipped to investigate and report cybercrimes to keep the public safe from such assaults.

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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) Course Overview

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certification training course covers all aspects of computer hacking. As a result of the CHFI certification program, security professionals are better equipped to identify and investigate cyber-attacks and leverage all relevant information to back up their findings. CHFI v10 certification training is a well-crafted course that gives you a comprehensive learning experience and successfully teaches you to get this certification.

There is just one ANSI-accredited lab-focused curriculum on the market that provides businesses with vendor-neutral training in digital forensics: EC-Certified EC Council’s Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI). Digital forensics and evidence analysis are covered in-depth and methodologically at CHFI, focusing on the Dark Web, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Forensics. Using the innovative digital forensics technologies taught in this curriculum, the student will be well prepared to undertake digital investigations.

Information security, computer forensics, and incident response are all topics covered in the course. Strengthening the application knowledge of digital forensics will enable investigators and incident responders to enhance their cybercrime and cyber defense forensic analysis skills and their understanding of digital forensics.

Why Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)?

A comprehensive certification training course, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation or CHFI v10, provides extensive know-how of detecting and investigating cyber attacks and exploiting all-important evidence to support investigation reports. As part of this certification, you’ll learn how to conduct security audits that can help keep your company safe from future cyber attacks.

Security experts who have a CHFI certification may demonstrate their proficiency in all aspects of computer forensics, including reporting cyber attacks and hacking attempts to law enforcement. Computer forensic investigator CHFI V10 that imbibes a thorough understanding of various cyber forensic techniques, ultra-modern forensic tools, footprints collection, and other essential components to carry out extensive hacking forensic investigations with practical exposure.

Forensics on the dark web and IoT will be covered, and malware analysis and forensics for cloud infrastructure. We’ll also have access to evidence files and sophisticated labs with the newest CHFI v10 reflecting our training course. Forensic Investigators who want to enhance their careers and be more effective in their security responsibilities would benefit greatly from this course. It focuses on the practical explanation of various foolproof methodologies to address digital forensics concerns in the organization, which constitute core fundamentals of security incidents, including security infrastructure analysis tools and techniques to identify and capture legal evidence against hackers and intruders. As a result of the CHFI V10 certification standards, cyber investigators are better equipped to identify situations like compromising sensitive data, theft of trade secrets, exploitation of intellectual property, and digital fraud in the cloud.

Opportunites After CHFI Course

With the widespread use of massive machines to communicate information and conduct business globally, there is a growing need to guard against and detect cyber-attacks as soon as possible. Because of enterprises’ digital transformation, the most difficult responsibility for firms has been recognizing potential risks, preventing cyberattacks, and analyzing malicious assaults and hacking events.

As part of the EC-CHFI EC Council’s V10 certification program, candidates must pass a demanding exam that assesses their knowledge of computer forensics and their ability to detect and investigate cyber threats. They must also demonstrate their understanding of evidence collection and reporting and recover compromised, encrypted, or lost data.

With the CHFI certification, you can demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to detect hacking attacks, to gather the evidence necessary for a police report and for a prosecutor to use in their case, as well as to conduct a study to help you avoid similar incidents in the future.

A vendor-neutral certification that focuses on computer forensics provides the ideal level of network security expertise for anyone concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. This includes law enforcement, system administrators, security officers, defense and military personnel, legal professionals, bankers, security professionals, and anyone else.

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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) Course Details

To become a certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, you need to pass the CHFI v10 exam successfully.
Certification Name: 312-49 (ECC EXAM)
Test Format: Multiple Choice
Number of Questions: 150
Test Duration: 4 Hours

Module 1. Computer forensics in today’s world
Module 2. Computer forensics investigation process
Module 3. Understanding hard disks and file systems
Module 4. Data acquisition and duplication
Module 5. Defeating anti-forensics techniques
Module 6. Windows Forensics
Module 7. Linux and Mac Forensics
Module 8. Network Forensics
Module 9. Investigating Web Attacks
Module 10. Dark Web Forensics
Module 11. Database Forensics
Module 12. Cloud Forensic
Module 13. Investigating Email Crimes
Module 14. Malware Forensics
Module 15. Mobile Forensics
Module 16. IoT Forensics

Computer Crime Investigator
Computer Forensic Analyst
Network Forensic Examiner
Computer Network Defense (CND) Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst and technician


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Choose Your Preferred Learning Mode

Offline Training

  • Customized schedule
  • Learn at your dedicated hour
  • Instant clarification of doubt
  • Guaranteed to run

Online Training

  • Flexibility, Convenience &
  • Time-Saving, More Effective
  • Learning, Cost Savings

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Our industry professionals have built it to give an impartial method to applying complicated investigative procedures. It will enable Forensic Professionals to:

  • Perform proactive investigations into and preservation of digital and non-digital evidence resulting from a cyber attack.
  • This is in opposition to the succession of concessions.
  • To predict and inform cyber teams in future assaults, threat intelligence should be used.
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